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About Afendula

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Afendula Kaltsidi, born and raised in rural Evia (Greece), is an alchemist with herbs, food, plants and people. Since an early age, she has been very connected to nature’s beauty and healing properties. She manifested this connection through cooking: empirically she indulged in preparing healthy meals for her family, long before she started sharing her passion at the Sunshine House seminars and retreat courses around Europe. She enjoys combining traditional Greek recipes with vegan/vegetarian ethics to provide nutritious meals for the body and spirit with locally sourced produce. Her open heart and desire to nourish others are felt in the vibrations and abundance of her food. Not too long ago, she felt prepared to share her knowledge and has been teaching Japanese groups Greek cuisine and culture, along with other cooking workshops in Athens and Evia.

Her studies in Thai Yoga Massage, Five Elements & Food detox courses with KrishnaTakis, Craniosacral Therapy with Rosemary, Cupping, healing herbs & ointments, and of course, cooking and pastry seminars, have created a holistic approach in terms of nutrition. She believes that all types of medicinal cuisine are there to help the body heal itself and does not constrain herself in just one philosophy or one-size-fits-all. Cooking in alternative therapies courses, is what defines her as a person and as a cook. Afendulas’ skill set is not limited: not only does she formulate the menu and coordinates the people in her kitchen, she also organizes and participates in women gathering circles in her hometown, and has studied to become a supportive Doula, as her nature is to serve and nurture people around her, in all forms. After completing several courses in herbs, essential oils and nutrition, she now produces her own natural cosmetics and products under the brand name “LoveMade”. A great inspiration during her journey are Kerys & Takis from the Sunshine House, Daphne Tsatsou from TrooFoodLiberation and Demi Pappa, as they have been and continue to be important pillars of her personal development. 

Her transformation started firstly within herself and in time, her persistence and commitment, her talent to learn and adapt, her deep knowledge, her environmental concerns have embodied in a natural way of living and cooking magnetizing friends, family, students into this orbit of wealth and health.

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